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Instant Green Screen Print Studio: The Photo booth Alternative

Ok, the proof is in from our general public experience, It's double the fun and more entertaining than any photo booth out there! STARLAB'S - GREEN SCREEN PRINT STUDIO Pricing is based on dates, time of year, special's and the options. Our service acts somewhat the same as a photo booth that you climb into but gives you so much more. It's the Ultimate big step up from a photo booth company! Giving you high quality interactive full length shots - not just a bunch of faces.. FASTER DELIVERY TIME BUT WITH PROFESSIONALLY TAKEN PHOTO quality using a PROFESSIONAL STUDIO PORTAIT LIGHTING SET UP. Using interactive Green Screen technologies or non-green screen set up's. Each guest can upload a digital copy of their photo instantly on site to Email, Face book, Instagram & Twitter all within just seconds. Exclusively designed for more versatility, fun, entertainment and brand marketing. Space for up to 30 people, elegant enough for a fashion shoot and fast enough for a midair jump shot. Shots are directed by our professional photographer for the ultimate pose and to control your line to move quickly so you get the most amount of pictures. StarLab Productions is your #1 choice for large high quality on site & fast delivery. Any of our interactive green screen templates found in the slideshow above are available thru traditional and green screen technologies, plus thousands of others or your own physical photo set. With our beautifully designed free display board & easel we offer your guest multiple backgrounds & effects on the spot with one click of our mouse. Use any kind of props to enhance your themed event. Optionally use your own physical photo set with cars, planes or you name it we'll shoot it. Optional overlaid graphics, or amazing green screen photography are all part of our unique offerings. We guarantee it will be the hit of your event. Call StarLab Productions today: 770-696-4622

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About our instant Green Screen Print Studio:

Our set up looks clean, simple and organized. Our setup requires an extensive understanding of lighting, color management and all technical conditions must be met . Our proprietary software and camera alone cost thousands of dollars. We do not offer low quality products like a traditional photo booth , arcades and amusement companies would offer. In comparison, they do not use professional photographic & lighting skills. Surprisingly our pricing is somewhat competitive to them and the value you get is more than twice as much. We also offer a smaller simple Chroma key green or blue screen setup for smaller areas, enough for 2-3 people in the photo, this can be used in a 10'x10' booth area. Our Standard Green Screen setup is large enough for group shots and requires about a 12' x 17 ' space, ask for our mini setup for exhibit booths or just small spaces.

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About The Printing & the Photo Upload:-

Guest can upload there photo using green screen technologies or no green screen using the area you designate . Within just seconds the photo uploads to their own Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and email accounts. Instant photos print in as little as 8 seconds , second adds up to minutes that adds up to hours that adds up to making sure everyone gets there photo without having to wait,  for the maximum quantity of pictures each second counts. We offer 4x6, 5x7, 6x8 and 8x10 sizes, these are high quality lab prints that dry instantly, and they are ready for signatures, frames or anything you have up your sleeve for your branded event. Cardboard photo frames are also available upon request. We have the latest technology, fastest print time and the highest quality delivery system available in today's market, making StarLab Productions your only true choice for a fun, reliability, high quality and entertaining high speed delivery experience. Our printing service can be used with all 3 photo offerings: Green Screen photo studio, your photo studio set, and third, our roving event photographer’s photos, fantastic for award ceremonies or candid's, allowing guest to upload or take their souvenir photo with them the night & be able to upload it to their email,  Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts. Two photo station set up's are available upon request.

Pricing is based on the many options that are required for your event.

We do not provide quotes by email. Please call


Instant onsite photo prints in just seconds

Partial Client list:

Warner Brothers
Time Warner
Paramount Pictures
Ted Turner
Atlanta Hotels
Wells Fargo
Bank of America
And many private events