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Other gif booths are simplistic compared to StarLabs copyright 3.0 Gif pro photographers Green Screen booth.
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"The Photographer's Booth" Atlanta's Corporate , Gala , Mitzvah , Event planners & Exhibit booth Connection

Atlanta Green Screen Photo booth - Atlanta Green Screen Gif booth 3.0 - Atlanta Green Screen Event Photographers - Photo Marketing Technologies - Photographers Mobile On Site Printing, Experiential marketing, Exibit booth drawing card straitegies, E-mail and data collection. StarLab Productions is your marketing assistant at work for you!

Atlanta Instant Digital on location photos with professional photography producing perfectly exposed, clear, crisp, photos within just seconds at your events



 Portrait studio set.

Why not offer one of these as one of the eight backdrop's your guest can choose from, using StarLab's green screen studio backdrops, makes for a nice family portrait styled photo!

Warner Brothers Event
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Green Screen technology works. StarLab Productions was Warner Brothers first choice for green screen photography

The above image provided by and with permissions from "Warner Brothers" created in Roswell GA for their 85th anniversary party in 2012, demonstrates our "Digital Magic" Studio Division, making Starlab Productions a true leader in green screen photography with the fastest on location printing in the industry .  Because of our productions background, some of our clients such as Warner Brothers, Starz, CNN, Turner Broadcast and many others have provided a format for us to develop a more refined skill at creating realism in the end product that stands out from our competitors. By using professional photography, this produces clean sharp properly exposed color corrected images . We can Instantly superimpose guests into any image giving them a choice of several pre determined themed backgrounds at your event. We can add text & logos while printing instant digital photos every 8 seconds with up to 8x10 print sizes on our blazing fast Lab quality printers. It's great entertainment for any event!  Use customized backgrounds for fun or marketing your brand, Great for gifts or promotional giveaways. Call us today for a customized quote for your event.

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   Our instant on location photography and high speed printing for handling high volumes is what keeps Starlab Productions your number one choice. Combing a portrait studio and a photo booth giving you the best of both worlds. We have the ability to create any interactive background imaginable for guest to act out in while producing blazing fast high volume on site printing, delivering a print every few seconds. your branded Logo on each photo while it instantly uploads to guest email, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts across the social media highway. Watch people stand in line to get there branded photo of themselves that can generate traffic to your website resulting in more sales for your company. We ensure all images we produce on site meet your general branding of the event. We service the whole southeast!
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Choose a variety of backgrounds, TV Shows, Movies & so much more!
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Pro event photographers - Green Screen - Animation - Photo & Gif 3.0

Serving the Atlanta and Southeast for over 15 years: Corporate, Gala, Mitzvahs, Exhibit Booths,
Government, Store Activations and Private events.
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"The Photographers Booth"
The Gif Booth

StarLabs instant Green Screen Animation Studio booth uses photo placement technology, this allows subjects to move with objects allowing your guest to look like they are moving while standing still!! A pro photographer executes & directs attendees live. Guest upload their Gif or mp4 file and receive a print from a frame they personally select from the animation timeline. Blazing fast 30-50 seconds delivery!

StarLab Productions pictures are taken, managed and controlled on the spot by our professional director of photography using StarLabs own custom built professional mobile Green Screen studio with ALL of photo booth tricks and more that are on the market today! You get the best of both worlds! Not just a push button system leaving you helpless with a "what you did is all you get scenario" our talented director does incredible edits on the fly and is a pro at posing couples and group shots!
Our green screen Gif Booth is customized for 2.0 and StarLabs Excusive "3.0 continuous movement technology" Attendee's can act out while letting our director of photography bring out the very best in their performance, inspiring your guest to be creative! You're managed attendees line will move much faster than any push button photo booth could possibly do, allowing less wait time for your busy guest!

Guest have fun and act out in their own creative interactive way creating an instant Gif 3.0 or 2.0 animation for instant delivery. These animated Gifs (or still photos) can be created for your brand or any idea imaginable to tie into you're event theme! We create our own animated backgrounds using StarLab's in house 3D production artist thats exclusive to StarLab, found no where else on the planet! We use photo frame placement technology, allowing your guest to animate anywhere in the Gif while standing still.   Branding and optional instant photo prints can be made from one of the frames of these animated StarLab 3.0 or 2.0 Gifs on the spot, Attendee's simply execute and e-mail it from our touch screen monitor, Later when they arrive home, they simply open their e-mail and click a link that directs them to the images where they can share them socially and download to their device

Guest have a blast acting out in front of the green screen using StarLab's proprietary instant mobile Animation studio that can optionally be combined with our Standard Green Screen photographers booth. This service produces stunning animated short looped gifs or videos files that can be branded with overlay graphics and logo's.. Guest Email a link to themselves with retrieval options for download and social media sharing.
The Animation Booth
Our Pro photographers operate as directors of photography in our open air styled photo booth, creating an unmatched studio quality result. We provide lab quality prints in a variety of sizes all within just seconds. We specialize in Still photo & Animated gif's using Green Screen technology utilizing a professional high quality 3 point lighting system!
This is where it all happens! As guest line up to get in on all the action, our director of photography moves attendees with blazing speeds to reduce wait times for you're guest, something the serve yourself push button photo booth cannot compete with. Guest entertainment & participation levels are always exceeded by our clients. Providing an experience you're guest will never forget, will certainly equate to a host they will never forget. Your guest will not only be able to take home one of the greatest gift ideas of all time, but for those with marketing intentions, acts as a fantastic one of a kind branded, promotional keepsake marketing piece they will never part with. They will remember you for years to come. Call StarLab today for a quote for your special event 770.696.4622
The most extraordinary on site skilled Green Screen productions artist in the world. Taking two separate photos of guest using green screen then placing them anywhere in the scene (as shown above) Guest upload to e-mail, text, Facebook, Instagram Twitter & more. StarLab moves guest thru lines at blazing fast speeds!


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StarLab Set UpOur mobile Photo & Animation set up.
Average delivery in less than one minute


   The Animation Booth

Take a photo with limitless backgrounds to tie directly into your theme

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Warner Brothers
Time Warner
Paramount Pictures
Ted Turner
Atlanta Hotels
Wells Fargo
Bank of america
And many more!
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