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Starlab Productions produces the highest quality on location instant Green Screen Photography in the industry. Producing both instant prints and exclusive Gif 3.0 Animations. Our pro photographers photobooth just simply out performs any push button photo booth with faster attendee line movement, color, contrast settings, face matching and exposure correcvtions. All done on the fly by our expert photographer, StarLab takes the term photo booth to a whole new level using cutting edge professional photographic skills which is not traditionally used in the realm of Green Screen Photography or a photo booth. Our stunning product is delivered to your guest in just seconds. Optionally, your guest can upload their digital photo/animation to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter simply by emailing or texting it on the spot, all delivered within just seconds. We cater to all types of special events, including private, corporate, gala's, Mitzvahs, weddings, trade shows, organizations, conferences, store launch, universities and conventions. We harness the advanced skills necessary to take clean, sharp, perfectly exposed professional photos of your guest, (that even include "the feet" - unlike others) creating real like images sets StarLab apart from the rest. We collaborate with you before the event and create just the right themed background to tie into your event so you're guest can choose their favorite background on the spot. Our green screen template creations are some of the best in the industry and can be customized, our new 'animation booth" using green screen is our own specially created exclusive collection of animated background scenes only found at StarLab, they can literally be anything you desire. Let our director of photography take your guest into a whole new experience they will never forget while taking home a fantastic one of a kind keepsake or branded marketing piece they will never part with to remember you by. Call today for a quote for your event. 770.696.4622
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Mouse Over the Images below to see how our green screen technology works, The guest photo is taken in front of our green screen then instantly superimposed into our proprietary work flow
Mouse over images - Shows before photo is taken & after template is applied
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